Pregnancy and Birth

So, you have decided to start a blog and you’re getting yourself prepared to write a new piece for your readers, viewers or anyone who will even listen. 

As you all have seen from my introductory post all about Moi!

Me and my partner found out we were expecting our baby girl when we were on holiday together in Majorca, we had been on holiday for three days before I found out I was expecting, I had been waiting for the dreaded ‘that time of the month’ which was already a downer as I was on holiday and couldn’t be bothered with it, but safe to say it never came. 

1sttrimester – some say it’s the worst trimester possible, constant nausea, sickness tiredness and your body rushing with insane new hormones you have quite possibly never imagined in your life. I was 7 weeks when I found out I was expecting so luckily, I didn’t experience too much, except from nausea and sickness. I physically couldn’t eat without wanting to vomit everywhere after it. 

We got our first scan on the 11thNovember 2017 .. we were super excited to see our little baby for the first time as we felt like we were waiting months just for that first appointment, Unfortunately I didn’t drink enough water so measurements were not the greatest and we didn’t get the best first scan pictures but it was still a magical experience seeing our baby for the first time. 

2ndTrimester – so you feel amazing as you feel as if you have just had a total burst of energy from nowhere … (ha It doesn’t last long).

Even though I had a huge burst of energy now I never had the past three months that’s when the PELVIC pain began, that’s right another thing that can happen when your pregnant from some strange reason even though woman’s bodies are designed to carry children somehow somewhere your pelvis decides it doesn’t want to co-operate with you. I could barely walk down the stairs or get into the car properly without whining in pain. 

So the many questions start to arise, baby names, breastfed or bottle feeding, what type of bottles do you buy, do you buy dummies, how many sizes of things do I need, where will the baby sleep, co-sleep or beside, if bottle fed, which brand of milk do you decide to buy? 

All these things begin to become everyday questions or panics really, I decided to breastfeed and I was given such bad opinions from family members how its not as easy as it looks and no one else will be able to feed the baby, you wont be able to have a minute away from the baby… These were the everyday things I was dealing with, but I stuck to my guns and I breastfed! (Go ME)

Baby Names … the dreaded topic my partner was set on Jordan Junior for a little boy and so was his mum, but no! We never could agree on a boy name, so it was lucky we found out Clara was in fact a girl… I came to this name whilst sitting watching Graham Nortan show with my mum and the Scottish actor Euan McGregor was on speaking about his newest T2 (which btw a must see) he was also speaking about his daughter Clara who was modelling in New York, and me and my mum just look at each other and we knew that was the name if our baby was going to be a girl. I got a mixed reaction about her name but mostly a good one, but at the end of the day I didn’t care.

Pregnancy pillows!! My huge pillow was my best-friend but only for a few weeks as I ended up far too hot with it in the bed with us, so they are good for a little while but ultimately only last a few weeks.

3rdTrimester – by this point I had everything I needed, our sleep next to me crib, steriliser, bottles, breast-pumps, and of course we opted for a few dummies just in-case. 

You think because you’re in the last stretch of your pregnancy it will fly by, No chance my morning sickness came back although it was actually at night I only ever got it and I was constantly battling insomnia due to not being able to get comfy and without a doubt every-night Clara was lying on a certain nerve in my back so I would be taking baths at 4am to try and ease the pain. 

Heartburn by this point aswell is killing you too, everything I ate even drinking water gave me heartburn, it was awful.

In April 2018 it’s the month before you’re due, your excited there is only a few weeks left your hospital bag is packed and the babies room is set up everything is In place just where you need it to be but, I had been thinking about everything going on and I had loads of people that wanted to come see me in hospital once the baby was born! God Forbid I want to have some privacy at this special time, so I posted to my private social media the following basically – No hospital visitors except grandparents and siblings and no house guests for at least 7 days! This was obviously hard for some family members to accept but also I am the one giving birth and trying to adapt to motherhood as-well as trying to breastfeed.

As the weeks drag in the heat in the air is getting hotter and hotter, my feet went up-to a size 7! .. I am and have been a size 5 since I was 12 so this was hard to get used to, not a single pair of my shoes fitted me I was living in flipflops, believe me the pictures I have of my swollen ankles and toes are hilarious. We are getting into the beginning of May and I can already tell I am going to go over my due date, so the birthing ball gets blown up and the hot curries get ordered … do they work? Nope! and there is no way with being a beachball and having Pelvic Gridle Pain are you going to be intimate with your partner to try and speed things along either.  

The Week of your due date – things are intense your fed up, tired, hungry because you cannot eat without vomiting or having searing heartburn, swollen and just in general a hormonal mess that no one wants to be around, I could just feel I was not going to go into labour anytime soon and then the day before my due date 8thof May, I noticed something strange Clara’s movements were decreased and the packets of pickled onion crisps and full sugar irn- bru were not budging her like they usually do!  Obviously the panic sets in and you know yourself something isn’t right, I phoned my maternity assessment and they told me to come up right away as because I was 39weeks they wanted to look me over, Of course as soon as they strap the belt around your bump and tell you push the button every-time baby moves, Clara decides its party time and my panic goes away but its still annoying the midwives must think your crazy! … But they didn’t they couldn’t have been nicer and in-fact because I was basically due the next day they offered me an induction which I jumped at the chance of I thought it would be another week at least but the midwife came back and told me to come back on 10thof May to be induced! 

The 10thof May – Induction day, I was super excited I had high hopes that I was going to just be in and out… Ha! 

My midwife told me once I was checked in and checked over that unfortunately these things take a while and because it is first baby it means the chances of me still being here in three days time with no baby was very likely! Uhhh I was deflated there and then. 

I was given my first tablet at 2pm and by 11pm nothing had budged, I really did think I was in there for the long haul, my midwife kept me hopeful as she told me that hardly anyone budges with the first tablet, she gave me a quick sweep that I had previously declined due to horror stories but at this point I would try anything, This was painful but boy was it worth it. My midwife told me she would let me rest and come back in around 6ish to see how I was and give me my 2ndtablet

I had managed to fall over to sleep and before I knew it I had woken up in searing pain which I can only describe and horrific period pain when it the day before you actually take your period, and I had the strangest urge to poop! 

I had gone to the toilet and it did not help I did not in-fact need to poop, I got back to my bed and rang the nurses, they monitored me and I was 2cm Dilated the sweep had worked therefore no more tablets were needed (Weheyy)!! 

My midwife informed me I could call my birthing partners which were my partner and my mum to come up and I could go to the delivery room once I was 4cm, I had asked if I could go for a bath as I heard a girl earlier asking if she could do the same to ease her pains, So they midwives ran me a hot bath and I got in. I phoned my mum and I told her my partner would be coming to get her so be ready. I phoned my partner and I told her exactly “get ready and get my mum and come to the hospital” … His response “What for?” … Like are your Freaaaaaking kidding me I am in labour DUH! 

My mum and partner arrived in no time I was only in the bath 15 minutes before my mum came into the bathroom to sit with me, my mum was my rock for that entire 45minutes but she soon started to notice some jelly like pieces in the bath and began to wonder if maybe my waters had , she called the midwife and she asked to me come out the bath so they could examine me… I did and I also took a contraction mid-walk back to my room… so here I am in the middle of the hospital on all fours naked whilst having a contraction, Boy it was painful but I managed it back to my room and hoped onto the bed where the midwife examined me and I was 9cm dilated!!! 

In one hour, I had gone from 2cm to 9cm and I could go to the labour suite by this point I had to anyways because I needed to push!

My partner btw during all of this is throwing up in the bathroom as he doesn’t deal with being awake too early in the mornings and his nerves were probably shattered too. 

Delivery Room – not going to go into too much detail other than I arrived there at 4am and I gave birth to Clara 8.08am, I went completely natural with using the gas and air didn’t stop me from asking for the drugs though, I must have asked my midwife at least four times for the drugs and then passed out with gas and air and then would ask again but I managed to do it without them! 

Shoutout to the mammas who give birth lying on their back because I just couldn’t, lying on my back was the sorest position possible, so I gave birth on my side and I think I almost broke my partners hand whilst pushing! … btw the nippy bit isn’t as bad as everyone makes out it passes within a few seconds. I chose to take the jag to make my placenta come out as the thought of waiting for it to detach itself was not worth it, I was knackered and I just honestly wanted to go to sleep. Not long before you have been stitched up and forced into a bath just after giving birth!

I was looking strangely at the midwife putting down pads on the floor which I can only describe as being puppy pads on the way into the bathroom for me to walk over! I thought she was exaggerating but, she wasn’t you need them to catch the excess blood… I didn’t have too many stitches and I didn’t lose alot of blood either during birth I felt like I lost more blood afterwards! You will worry the bath will sting your bits and bobs and the stitches but it doesn’t its actually very soothing for them, I bathed twice a day after giving birth to keep my stitches as clean as possible, and forget sitting down for the next week too as its almost impossible! 

Clara was the most perfect little angel she latched on to me perfectly and was so alert, she didn’t even cry, she was the perfect little bundle of squishiness ever my little 7lb2oz. 

I know this blog post was a little long but I promise its the only one I will do that is this long again! 

Keep Posted for my next blog post – in which I will discuss the 4th trimester and adapting to being parents! 

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